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performative meaning

"performative" in a sentence
  • adjective
      Of a statement or verb that itself constitutes the action described, eg I confess my ignorance
      Such a statement, to constative
  • Recognition of language performative translation
  • The movement of body in intelligible forms is the common origin of music, dancing and performative arts
  • She reveals that noncustodial mothering presents a cultural paradox that foregrounds the dialecticalmovement between a competent performance and a performative competence of mothering
  • Laruelle believes that both philosophy and non-philosophy are performative.
  • It is a performative, rather than a compositional, style.
  • In both cases, the performative objects are  magically charged.
  • The third aspect of the performative consists of an aesthetic dimension.
  • Performative architecture is still under developing ideas as a concrete definition.
  • He was pioneering in giving attention to performative aspects of folklore.
  • There are performative architects, like Gehry and Steven Holl.
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