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performant meaning

"performant" in a sentence
  • Adjective: performant
    1. (technology) having good speed or more general performance
      "achieved in a highly performant and cost effective way"
  • Resultset code is more performant and significantly less verbose than dataset code
  • Is dynamic, lightweight and high-performant aop aosd framework for the java platform
  • We will continue to focus on making the federated systems more performant and ensuring better overall user experience
  • While performant, it was too complex to develop and maintain.
  • ACID transactions, if they are sufficiently performant, allow such synchronization.
  • Instead, performant systems require coscheduling of the group.
  • The SDET must be able to create high quality, maintainable, and performant code.
  • Carrard said the move will make the IOC's marketing services " even more performant ."
  • In addition, Frontier Communications, Performant Recovery Inc . ( Formerly DCS ), a debt recovery corporation,
  • Cache efficiency, much more than cpu cycle counting, is what makes most programs performant on modern architectures.
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