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performance poetry meaning

"performance poetry" in a sentence
  • noun
      Poetry written primarily for public performance by the poet
  • Both these types would generally be considered to constitute performance poetry.
  • In 2001 it organised a performance poetry event on London Buses.
  • Ann Arbor is also known within the performance poetry scene.
  • The last years Kessel has been engaged to performance poetry.
  • It is a fine alternative tribute to Ginsberg's mastery of performance poetry.
  • The National Poetry Slam is the largest team performance poetry event in the world.
  • The group dedicated itself to sound and performance poetry as well as collaborative composition.
  • Besides text, Alland works in multimedia, film, performance poetry and sound poetry.
  • Performance poetry is theater, bodies movt what we are thinking but often fail to express.
  • Performance poetry with music peaked during the 1980s just as performance art peaked in the 1970s.
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