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performance poet meaning

"performance poet" in a sentence
  • noun
      A poet who produces poetry primarily for public performance rather than for publication in print
  • Performance poets write poems only for performance and not for print.
  • He is poetry teacher, as well as a performance poet.
  • Pobjie is also a performance poet and comedian, performing around Melbourne.
  • Thayil is also known as a performance poet and musician.
  • He is one of the leading performance poets in Uganda.
  • He is also a performance poet, and a Shortfuse Poetry Idol Competition winner.
  • Alexander was renowned as a performance poet.
  • Charles first appeared on television as a performance poet, which led to minor presenting roles.
  • Wolfson and Saunders composed the music, and Hungarian performance poet Endre Szk�rosi contributed the lyrics.
  • Waite is also a performance poet.
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