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peeling meaning

[ 'pi:liŋ ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "peeling""peeling" in a sentence
  • Bill laid down the egg he was peeling.
  • peeling back his trouserleg, he showed them the wound.
  • A: "has mary finished peeling the potatoes?" b: "just about."
  • My face is peeling.
  • As in the downstairs lobby, what was left of the paint was peeling.
  • The supervisor said that the new potato peeling machine would come tomorrow.
  • A shuffling, bent old man with a twisted hair piece opened the peeling door, the color of dried blood.
  • Perhaps peeling potatoes brought them loving memories of the past, memories of their younger days when they had their own kitchens and famillies.
  • Automatic asparagus peeling machine bottle rinser filler capper
  • peeling bags of potatoes is really a chore
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