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pcsa meaning

"pcsa" in a sentence
  • [Architecture]

    Abbr. for “Power Crane and Shovel Association.”

  • Optional 3ccd hd camera pcsa-chg90
  • PCSA AirGate PCS Inc . 52 . 00 23 . 00
  • A copy of the Deck Logs also resides at the Bay County Historical Society Museum-PCSA Collection, MI.
  • In a non-pennate muscle the fibers are parallel to the longitudinal axis, and therefore PCSA and ACSA coincide.
  • AirGate PCS Inc . ( PCSA ) : The company will review its fourth-quarter and year-end results Nov . 16
  • Currently, some authors keep using the original definition of PCSA, probably because of its intuitively appealing geometrical interpretation ( figure 1 ).
  • The increase in pennation angle following full-thickness tendon tears will result in a change to the PCSA of the supraspinatus and infraspinutus muscles.
  • In 2016, Peugeot-Citro�n South Africa ( PCSA ) announced that Citro�n would be pulling out of South Africa after poor sales in the country.
  • For instance, in some stages of physical development, the increase in mass may be due to both an increase in PCSA and in fiber length.
  • However, because of this angle, more fibers can be packed into the same muscle volume, increasing the Physiological cross-sectional area ( PCSA ).
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