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pacific bonito meaning

"pacific bonito" in a sentence
  • The elegant striped Pacific bonito swam constantly _ if they stop, they suffocate.
  • Jerome H . Rilling, San Pedro, Pacific bonito, 14-12, San Benitos Island, Mexico, Oct . 12, 1980.
  • "' Pacific bonito "', " Sarda chiliensis lineolata ", is a marine species of bonito that is a game fighter but not highly thought of as a food fish.
  • This entity assumed ownership of the railroad, made improvements to the port, and began work on a hydroelectric power station on the R�o Santa ( in the Ca��n del Pato [ Duck Canyon ] in Pacific bonito fish arrived.
  • Swami s SMCA prohibits take of all living marine resources except : recreational take by hook-and-line from shore is allowed; and recreational take of pelagic finfish, including Pacific bonito, and white seabass by spearfishing is allowed.
  • Topanga's Gino Picciolo was a 15-year-old deckhand when he watched a 21-pound, 3-ounce Pacific bonito engulf a small green-and-yellow jig on the first cast of a new rod, reel and line.
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