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pachysandra meaning

Synonyms of "pachysandra""pachysandra" in a sentence
  • Noun: pachysandra  `paki'sandru
    1. Any plant of the genus Pachysandra; low-growing evergreen herbs or subshrubs having dentate leaves and used as ground cover

    Derived forms: pachysandras

    Type of: subshrub, suffrutex

    Part of: genus Pachysandra

    Encyclopedia: Pachysandra

  • [Medicine]
    A plant genus of the family BUXACEAE that should not be confused with common spurge (EUPHORBIA).
  • You who can kill even the hardiest pachysandra, take heart.
  • He has replaced dead grass with groundcovers of myrtle and pachysandra.
  • It is also evergreen, and looks better in winter than pachysandra.
  • Species of " Pachysandra " are used as ground cover.
  • It grows to about the same height as pachysandra, but much thicker.
  • I turned a skeptical eye on her pachysandra.
  • The red, holiday Pachysandra on Fassel's desk was apparently out of play.
  • Ajuga, pachysandra, and vinca are well-known ground covers, all evergreen perennials.
  • Shade plants remained pachysandra and ivy.
  • Pachysandra procumbens, an under-used ground cover rambles under the redbud and hickory trees.
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