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pachyderm meaning

Synonyms of "pachyderm""pachyderm" in a sentence
  • Horton, at least, is a sensitive New Age pachyderm.
  • Pachyderms and petunias : Ever wonder why jungles are so lush?
  • PROTECTING THE PACHYDERM : The elephants of Tanzania are in trouble.
  • INDIGENOUS / " THINGS WE DO " ( Pachyderm)
  • There is a certain herd instinct that plays out among pachyderms,
  • The elephant is in many ways a pachyderm of psychological proportions.
  • He landed without incident, but his pachyderm pal proved less successful.
  • Hence the city's new ban on pavement-pounding pachyderms.
  • The verdict : An informative and lovely visit with pachyderms.
  • A six-ton pachyderm could be just feet away.
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