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oxblood meaning

"oxblood" in a sentence

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  • His oxblood loafers were polished and his hair was fashionably greased.
  • Like most hackers, Oxblood Ruffin masks his identity with a pseudonym.
  • And oxblood leather armchairs are giving way to Stairmasters.
  • _OXBLOOD RUFFIAN, a pseudonym for a Toronto-based computer fanatic.
  • The buildings are multilayered, with tiers of white, yellow and oxblood.
  • Peter is the Thunderer, Roberto is Oxblood, and Greta is Gossamer.
  • The oxblood-red Chinese passport arrived in the mail just 10 days later.
  • Two different colors of grillclothes were featured on the blondes, oxblood and wheat.
  • The dining room mantle was pink with oxblood.
  • There's also an unknown amount of oxblood-orange colored copies made available.
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