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  • [Medicine]
    Five-membered heterocyclic ring structures containing an oxygen in the 1-position and a nitrogen in the 3-position.


  • Balaban also developed new synthesis of oxazoles by azlactones, followed by dehidratation.
  • The presence of oxazoles or thiazoles often indicates that the compound was synthesized in this fashion.
  • Thiazoles are characterized by larger pi-electron delocalization than the corresponding oxazoles and have therefore greater aromaticity.
  • It is used in the Van Leusen reaction which is used to convert aldehydes to nitriles or in the preparation of oxazoles and imidazoles.
  • A popular extension of the Robinson-Gabriel cyclodehydration has been reported by Wipf " et al . " to allow the synthesis of substituated oxazoles from readily available amino acid derivatives.
  • Substituted oxazolines and thiazolines can be oxidized to the corresponding oxazoles and thiazoles in a modified Kharash-Sosnovsky oxidation with " tert "-butylperoxy-benzoate and a mixture of Cu ( I ) and Cu ( II ) salts in suitable yields.
  • Interestingly, the precursor peptide of the cyanobactin family is traditionally designated the " E " gene, whereas precursor peptides are designated gene " A " in most RiPP gene clusters . " A " is a serine protease involved in cleavage of the leader peptide and subsequent macrocyclization of the peptide natural product, in combination with an additional serine protease homologue, the encoded by gene " G . " Members of the cyanobactin family may bear thiazolines / oxazolines, thiazoles / oxazoles, and methylations depending on additional modification enzymes.

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