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ornamental meaning

[ ˌɔ:nə'mentl ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "ornamental""ornamental" in a sentence
  • ornamental copper pans hung on the wall.
  • Anonymous figures strayed along the banks of the ornamental lakes.
  • The corinthian painter's primary ornamental device was the animal frieze.
  • That was for the splendours of the recent past; and for rhetorical and ornamental language.
  • This is for the splendours of the recent past, and for rhetorical and ornamental language.
  • All of these means can directly or indirectly damage crops, forests, and ornamental plantings.
  • Poultry farm and hatchery owners and workers should be especially cautious about contact with imported ornamental pet birds.
  • These statements are but " ornamental phrases"
  • An ornamental ridge, as on top of a wall or roof
  • Artistic creation on potted ornamental bamboo landscape
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