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organic structure meaning

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  • On the reform of organic structure in libraries under the new technical environment
  • Organic synthesis, organic catalysis, organic structure analysis, green chemistry
  • A study on the sustainable system and organic structure in the process of space circle of haerbin urban sphere
  • MOST of the " organic structures " I am curating likely have one CSA number
  • He also examined organic structures, such as leaves and animal skeletons, for inspiration.
  • Although named as a dicyanamide, the major organic structure is a 2-cyanoguanidino group.
  • For many years Bosse has based his work on the computational study of organic structures and resulting spatial conceptions.
  • His work generally focuses on natural geometry and organic structure, and all types of psychedelic & transcendental art.
  • If constructing organic structures is one challenge facing today's composers, finding a distinctive musical voice is another.
  • From 1964 on he mostly painted on glass or plexiglass, his creations sometimes resembling chemical or micro-organic structures.
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