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  • [Law]
    ORDER - By this expression is understood the several bodies which compose the state. In ancient Rome, for example, there were three distinct orders; namely, that of the senators, that of the patricians, and that of the plebeians.

    In the United States there are no orders of men, all men are equal in the eye of the law, except that in some states slavery has been entailed on them while they were colonies and it still exists in relation to some of the African race but these have no particular rights.

    contracts. An indorsement or short writing put upon the back of a negotiable bill or note for the purpose of passing the title to it and making it payable to another person.

    When a bill or note is payable to order, which is generally expressed by this formula, "to A B, or order,"or" to the order of A B," in this case the payee, A B may either receive the money secured by such instrument, or by his order, which is generally done by a simple indorsement, pass the right to receive it to another. But a bill or note wanting these words, although not negotiable, does not lose the general qualities of such instruments.

    An informal bill of exchange or a paper which requires one person to pay or deliver to another goods on account of the maker to a third party is called an order.

    French law. The act by which the rank of preferences of claims among creditors who have liens over the price which arises out of the sale of an immovable subject is ascertained is called order.

    ORDERS - Rules made by a court or other competent jurisdiction. The formula is generally in those words: It is ordered, etc.

    Orders also signify the instructions given by the owner to the captain or commander of a ship which he is to follow in the course of the vovage.
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