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oratrix meaning

"oratrix" in a sentence
  • Noun: oratrix (oratrices)  órutriks
    1. A woman plaintiff, or complainant, in equity pleading

    Derived forms: oratrices

  • An additional subspecies, " magna ", has sometimes been recognized for the population on the Gulf slope of Mexico, but today most authorities consider it invalid, instead including this population in " oratrix ".
  • In contrast, the population in north-western Honduras and adjacent eastern Guatemala ( near Puerto Barrios ), which resembles " A . oratrix belizensis " and commonly is included in that subspecies, may represent an undescribed subspecies.
  • In adults, the head and upper chest are yellow in the subspecies of the Tres Mar�as Islands ( " tresmariae " ); just the head in the widespread subspecies of Mexico ( " oratrix " ); just the crown in Belize ( " belizensis " ); and the crown and nape in the Sula Valley of Honduras ( " hondurensis ", which thus resembles the yellow-naped parrot ).
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