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oratorically meaning

"oratorically" in a sentence
  • adverb
  • I have seen him grow spiritually and oratorically over the years.
  • Some folks still haven't heard; Dole is oratorically impaired.
  • Of course, he has a lot of those wooden evenings, oratorically speaking.
  • It may have worked oratorically for Cicero, but backfired when used by Goldwater.
  • MINUSES : On the screen, the play becomes a redundant, oratorically overwrought brief for freedom of speech.
  • Oratorically gifted, Huey has shown the ability to seize and hold the attention of entire crowds of people when he wants to do so.
  • As the crowd joined in and the fur flew oratorically, Lothrop tried in vain to restore order, The New York Times reported in 1938.
  • But this was one of the rare occasions in the Senate when the day was carried oratorically, both sides conceded, by a senator on the losing side.
  • The surprise of the trip has been Gore, who is oratorically fired so far beyond his usual phlegmatic level that he seems fresh from an assertiveness-training seminar.
  • There, flanked by big-name geneticists, President Clinton oratorically toasted the mapping of the human genome and asserted, " Today we are learning the language in which God created life ."
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