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oratorical meaning

Synonyms of "oratorical""oratorical" in a sentence
  • Adjective: oratorical  `óru'torikul
    1. Characteristic of an orator or oratory
      "oratorical prose"; "harangued his men in an oratorical way"

    See also: orator, oratory, rhetorical

  • There was no oratorical talent in the ship.
  • His oratorical efforts evoked no response in his audience.
  • Earlier prose is neither ponderous, flowery nor oratorical.
  • She retained her oratorical bounce when there was so much more to do.
  • The award for the oratorical contest was made by a jury of nine professors.
  • The rhetorical features of oratorical style of writing
  • Won the third place in all guangzhou english oratorical contest in
  • Yes , i won the first place in the english oratorical contest of our university in 1994
  • Yesterday was a red-letter day for me because i won the first prize in the english oratorical contest
  • Of course, as to the quality of discussion, it takes time and effort for people to acquire oratorical skills and proper manners
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