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opacity meaning

Synonyms of "opacity""opacity" in a sentence
  • Noun: opacity  ow'pasutee
    1. The phenomenon of not permitting the passage of electromagnetic radiation 
    2. Incomprehensibility resulting from obscurity of meaning
      - opaqueness 
    3. The quality of being opaque to a degree; the degree to which something reduces the passage of light
      - opaqueness

    Derived forms: opacities

    See also: opaque

    Type of: incomprehensibility, physical phenomenon, quality

    Antonym: clarity, transparency

    Encyclopedia: Opacity

  • [Architecture]

    The quality of being opaque, as the capacity of a paint to cover or obliterate a background over which it is applied.

  • [Electronics]
    The condition of being opaque. This applies to all forms of radiation. For example, a material can be opaque to light rays, but be transparent to radio waves, or it can be transparent to gamma rays while being opaque to alpha particles.

  • [Medicine]
    n pl -ties
    1 : the quality or state of a body that makes it impervious to the rays of light; broadly : the relative capacity of matter to obstruct by absorption or reflection the transmission of radiant energy (as x-radiation, radio waves, infrared radiation, or sound)
    2 : an opaque spot in a normally transparent structure (as the lens of the eye)
  • opacity is due to crazes in the resin.
  • opacity is the reciprocal of transmission.
  • By definition a cataract is an opacity in the lens.
  • The opacity is a function of temperature and wavelength.
  • opacity of the lens is readily visible, especially in advanced cases.
  • The distinctive feature of vitreous opacities is their actual movement on motion of the eye.
  • When it came to drawing joint conclusions, there was a nearly impenetrable opacity about heath's formulations.
  • Cataracts are classified according to the age of the individual, etiology, and the morphologic characteristics of the opacity.
  • I set it to multiply at about 10-20 % opacity
  • 15 test method for opacity of paper 15 diffuse illuminant
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