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on the game meaning

"on the game" in a sentence
  • (informal)
      Working as a prostitute

  • [British slang]
    on the game
    Phrs. Working as a prostitute. [Mid 1900s]
  • Game : click on the game started the game
  • Terry is the england team on the game : fullback
  • Would you care to have a small wager on the game
  • Analysis on the game of training the knowledge employees
  • Then my pimpin'ass uncle put me up on the game
  • Yeah, i went to the sports bar . put some money on the game
  • By the space bar, and others on the game after the start
  • You know, you better keep your mind on the game, mr . 3000
  • Study on the games of enterpriser and r amp; d force in mines
  • on the game theory analysis of the state-owned enterprise's reform
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