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on record meaning

"on record" in a sentence

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  • 1. Recorded in a document, etc
    2. Publicly known

  • [American slang]
    recorded for future reference.
      We had the coldest winter on record last year.
       This is the fastest race on record.


  • His blasphemies and heresies are on record.
  • He went on record as opposing racial discrimination.
  • There are indications of gas sands on record section.
  • He went on record as advocating immediate integration.
  • Last summer was the wettest on record for 50 years.
  • Last summer was the wettest on record for 50 years.
  • She quickly put her own feelings about the matter on record.
  • Brandt was on record as favoring britain's entry into the common market.
  • I want to put myself on record as believing he did a hasty and inconsiderate thing.
  • When the flow of ideas charges to a trickle, the recorder should slowly read back all the ideas on record.
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