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on principle meaning

"on principle" in a sentence

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  • 1. On grounds of (moral) principle
    2. For the sake of obeying or asserting a particular principle of morality or wisdom


  • He refused to attend the meeting on principle.
  • I refuse on principle.
  • We were rarely willing to take a strike, and so we never stood on principle.
  • What people wanted was a forthright style of leadership, with more emphasis on principle.
  • The declaration elaborates on principles first enumerated by the general assembly in 1962.
  • Professor knight has also written three studies of byron, and a book on principles of shakespearian production (1936).
  • He should have meet you at the station on principle
  • on principles of choosing enterprise accounting policy
  • on principle of relative rationality in explaining laws
  • Analysis on principle of spectrometer adjusting by diagram
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