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on one hand meaning

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  • Adverb: on one hand
    1. From one point of view
      - on the one hand

  • [American idiom]
    from one point of view; as one side (of an issue). (Other points of view are expressed as on the other hand.)
    On one hand, I really ought to support my team. On the other hand, I don't have the time to attend all the games.
    On the one hand, I need Ann's help. On the other hand, she and I don't get along very well.

  • [American slang]
    adv. phr. Looking at a thing in one of two possible ways; from one point of view. Usually used with "on the other hand". John wants to be a printer or a teacher; on one hand, printing pays better; on the other hand, schools need good teachers.


  • You have society on one hand and the individual on the other.
  • on one hand, we have reasons to be optimistic
  • on one hand, it will take too much space of our school
  • Dreams, on one hand, are not expensive
  • I mean, on one hand, if dying was all you thought about
  • on one hand, it becomes the hot spot in theory study
  • I mean, on one hand, if dying was all you thought about ..
  • He has been criticized on one hand and encouraged on the other
  • on one hand, it's iike i've been waiting for this moment my whoie iife
  • on one hand, most of the time that s not a huge issue
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