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oceanic islands meaning

"oceanic islands" in a sentence

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  • plural noun
      Islands far from the mainland


  • oceanic islands are sometimes deficient in animals of certain whole classes.
  • oceanic islands, particularly in the pacific, form minor provinces
  • Its petrochemical characteristics show that the volcanics was formed in oceanic island tectonic environment
  • Establish and genesis of oceanic island basic volcanic rock early carboniferous in northern of daxing'anling
  • Oceanic islands are islands that do not sit on continental shelves.
  • As with other oceanic islands, land mammals are mostly bats.
  • These moths are remarkable for their ability to colonize oceanic islands.
  • It inhabits seashores in southern Africa and on some oceanic islands.
  • "They're not oceanic islands ."
  • Cocos Island is an oceanic island of both volcanic and tectonic origin.
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