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oaky meaning

"oaky" in a sentence
  • Noun: oaky
    1. Resembling oak; (of wine) having a smoky taste from an oak barrel

    Derived forms: oakies

    Encyclopedia: Oaky

  • Oak / oaky : the smell and taste of oak in a wine derived from contacting with barrels
  • Comments : medimm-bodied red wine with concentrated blackcurrant and plummy bouquet, velvet texture with vanilla oaky taste
  • Medium-light bodied red wine with earthy, black currant and oaky bouquet . soft tannin texture with long after taste
  • It has an inky dark ruby colour, a complex nose of cherries, raspberries and raisins with a hint of cinnamon and oaky vanilla
  • In dry wines, richness may be from a high alcohol and glycerin content, complex flavors and an oaky vanilla character
  • Description : Big-bodied, oaky, sherryish, flowery.
  • Not surprisingly, many of them were oaky, oxidized and dull.
  • I find them too heavy, too fruity and far too oaky.
  • Sweet, oaky aroma, mild apple and pineapple flavors.
  • Or _ the one exception _ an oaky, sweetish California chardonnay.
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