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nubbly meaning

Synonyms of "nubbly""nubbly" in a sentence
  • Experimental analysis on impact crushing of nubbly talcum materials
  • Slowly, I spread my fingers out, feeling the cool, nubbly rock under my palms.
  • She's a faithful client and wore a nubbly black and white trench coat to the show.
  • However, seed stitch is " nubbly ", not nearly as smooth as stockinette / stocking stitch.
  • Some riders use mountain bikes, but purists ride modified road bikes equipped with nubbly but still narrow tires.
  • Breathtakingly unique, it has a Grecian curve, its moonlit-indigo tint dawning, gradually, over nubbly clay.
  • They also look similar, though the buttercup is more square-sided, with a telltale nubbly ring on the underside.
  • One could look at a claret nylon drawstring parka, paired with smocked quilted doublet, with Nile green nubbly cotton jeans.
  • Dice Kayek, a Turkish designer, showed lots of good-looking leather blousons, nubbly sweaters and fine looking slim gray flannel trousers.
  • Slowly add the olive oil while the motor is running, and stop before the finished sauce is too smooth, but retains a nubbly texture.
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