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name part meaning

Synonyms of "name part""name part" in a sentence
  • Is not specified, the file name part of
  • The simple name part of the
  • Do you agree with the following possible english translations of the common-name part of a road name
  • The field name part tag refers to the document imported to this criminal . the result page is as follows
  • A wsdl : binding in a description must not use the attribute named parts on contained soapbind : header and soapbind : headerfault elements
  • Two or three of the last-named parts are original.
  • The naming part is problematic, the rest seems quite ok.
  • He was named part of the All-tournament team.
  • The event has been named part of the Cultural Heritage of Puebla.
  • In 2013, Gifford was named part of the NASCAR NEXT program.
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