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nag meaning

[ næg ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "nag""nag" in a sentence

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  • Pride, envy, remorse nag his characters.
  • He is a nag.
  • Yet again i raised the question that had begun to nag at me.
  • I will go over to michael cross, and engage him to come behind on his swift nag.
  • It's a waste of money betting on that old nag
  • If a nag travels a thousand li, it's only through perseverance
  • She does not nag you-she becomes verbally repetitive
  • And i'm stuck with kids that just scream and nag
  • The nag hammadi library unearthed in egypt
  • -and i'm stuck with kids that just scream and nag
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Other Languages

  • "nag" meaning in Chinese: 短语和例子 nag 1 n. 1.(骑用)小马;〔口语〕(老)马;〔口语〕驽马;〔美俚〕劣等赛马用马。2.旧...
  • "nag" meaning in Japanese: nag v. がみがみ小言を言う; うるさくせがむ. 【副詞1】 ◆She nagged on endlessly ...
  • "nag" meaning in Russian: 1) небольшая верховая лошадь, лошадка, пони2) кляча3) _раз...
  • "nag" meaning in French: v. harceler, faire d'incessantes remontrances; inquiéter...
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