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nae meaning

"nae" in a sentence
  • /nā/
      adjective a Scots form of no2 adverb same as no1, esp with a comparative
    naeˈbody noun
    naeˈthing noun
  • Gawds teruth, chawley . we are nae fou . we re nae tha fou
  • Gawds teruth, chawley . we are nae fou . we re nae tha fou
  • We re nae thy fou
  • In 2004, nae summer camp is held in hainan wenchang high school . the number of the members goes up to one thousand
  • In 2008 he was selected by NAE for the Founders Award.
  • Erika Amazake and Nae Akihabara were also confirmed as well.
  • "Judah suffers because it must suffer, " Nae had written.
  • The only significant Romanian philosophical influences were Lucian Blaga and Nae Ionescu.
  • The NAE figure taken should be the average for the population overall.
  • Nae Zealand's Parliament is also reviewing its dangerous dog control laws.
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