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nacre meaning

Synonyms of "nacre""nacre" in a sentence
  • When the pearls are later harvested, the oyster has covered the bead with layers of nacre
  • As a result, nacre thickness is sometimes just a cosmetic layer that can wear thin over time
  • Fine pearls do not have any flaws or spots in the nacre : it has an even, smooth texture
  • Recent advances in nacre used as bone implant are reviewed in this paper
  • Pearls are organic gems, created when an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre
  • It is likely that nacre will become a good candidate for bone graft substitution in future
  • The pearl continues to grow in size as thousands of layers of the nacre continues to build around the pearl
  • Cultured and natural pearls will feel slightly rough, like fine sandpaper, because of the texture of natural nacre
  • Some are fine examples of inlay work with nacre and ivory.
  • The nacre is white, sometimes tinged pink and partly iridescent.
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