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moto meaning

"moto" in a sentence
  • Noun: moto  mowtow
    1. Movement; manner of movement; particularly, movement with increased rapidity; - used especially in the phrase con moto, directing to a somewhat quicker movement
      "andante con moto"

    Derived forms: motos

    Encyclopedia: Moto

  • "auto-moto "-like masts pines fall
  • Notify me of updates to oi katsuo tsuyu no moto
  • Theory of electrical moto electromagnetic fields
  • Notify me of updates to dashi no moto
  • Our company specializes in hardware products and moto parts
  • Mx club mini moto course
  • From hakone yumoto, take the hakone tozan bus for " moto-hakone " stop
  • Bush chain for moto cycles chains
  • Yf cover pole moto
  • Florence : to eat all the cookies cream icecream on the planet . moto in life
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