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monitorial meaning

"monitorial" in a sentence
  • Adjective: monitorial  `móni'toreeul
    1. Of or pertaining to a monitor or monitors
  • monitorial-group plan
  • They established more than a hundred'monitorial'schools in the region.
  • The Monitorial System and its variants found favour not just in Britain but also its Empire.
  • Maeser incorporated the Monitorial System into his teaching philosophies and believed that students should each have responsibilities.
  • Pillans introduced a version of the Bell Lancaster monitorial system, and his class doubled its numbers.
  • He became greatly influenced by the ideas of Joseph Lancaster, who invented the monitorial system that bears his name.
  • This is a Monitorial System where the teacher teaches the more advanced students who then in turn teach the less advanced.
  • Girard's application of the monitorial system was opposed by the bishop and the civil authorities of Fribourg in 1823.
  • "' New York High School "'was the first monitorial system high school in the United States.
  • In 1798, he founded a free elementary school in Borough Road, Southwark, using a variant of the monitorial system.
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