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merino sheep meaning

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  • The wool comes from the famous merino sheep
  • A shepherd leads some two thousand merino sheep past madrid's famous landmark alcala gate november 4, 2001
  • This strain of Merino sheep has been bred for milk production.
  • He was interested in the introduction of the merino sheep breed.
  • By the 1920s he had stocked the run with merino sheep.
  • There are around 100, 000 sheep, including the Merino sheep.
  • On returning to America, Jarvis gave eight merino sheep to Jefferson.
  • It descends from the Merino sheep first brought to Saxony in 1765.
  • During the 1820s, interest in Merino sheep increased.
  • He led an unsuccessful attempt to introduce Merino sheep into the Chamonix valley.
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