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melodic theme meaning

"melodic theme" in a sentence
  • In some compositons the drums take the role of stating the melodic theme.
  • The horn section then becomes prominent, introducing other riffs and main melodic themes.
  • The same melodic theme appears in each, though in different keys and arrangements.
  • His melodic improvisations generally stayed close to the melodic theme while employing novel chord voicings.
  • The opening movement begins with a soft bassoon solo which introduces the main melodic theme.
  • KriyDga-s are certain melodic themes employed in dramatic performances portraying different kinds of emotions.
  • Radio and television stations create their own audio identities using melodic themes to strengthen their brand.
  • Following this theme is a more melodic theme or idea that gives off a more calming feeling.
  • Cheerful music with fast tempos, many melodic themes, and vocals are also preferred by extroverts.
  • The songs contain an " emphasis on non-traditional songwriting " and melodic themes more than subsequent releases.
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