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meet meaning

[ mi:t ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "meet""meet" in a sentence
  • Verb: meet (met)  meet
    1. Come together
      "I'll probably see you at the meeting"
    Noun: meet  meet
    1. A meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
      - sports meeting
    Adjective: meet  meet
    1. Being precisely fitting and right
      "it is only meet that she should be seated first"
      - fitting

    Sounds like: meat, mete

    Derived forms: meets, meeting, met

    See also: just, meeter, meeting

    Type of: agree, athletic competition, athletic contest, athletics, cater, check, contend, cope, correspond, deal, experience, fit, get by, gibe, go through, grapple, have, interact, jibe, make do, make out, manage, match, ply, provide, see, supply, tally

    Encyclopedia: Meet

  • [American slang]
    n. a meeting or an appointment. (Mostly underworld.)
    • If this meet works out, we could score a cool million.
    • What time is the meet?

  • [Business]
    verb, noun

    verb (met, met //)

    1 [+ obj or no obj]

    to come together formally in order to discuss sth:

    The committee meets twice a month.

    We have agreed to meet their lawyers.

    The board met today to consider the offer.

    The two sides are meeting for talks on Monday.

    2 [+ obj]

    to do or satisfy what is needed or what sb asks for:

    We expect to meet our target of opening 50 new stores by December.

    the importance of meeting customers' needs

    The design meets all applicable safety standards.

    Unless these conditions are met, we cannot proceed with the sale.

    I can't possibly meet that deadline.

    3 [+ obj]

    to pay sth:

    The extra costs were met from our research budget.

    Companies will have to meet the costs of recycling their goods.


    meet sb halfway

    to reach an agreement with sb by giving them part of what they want:

    Could you at least meet us halfway and do the work at a discount?

    END noun


    meet with sb

    to have a meeting with sb:

    Management will meet with labor unions later this week.

    The new CEO plans to meet with every employee.

    noun [C] (BrE) (informal)

    a meeting

  • [Computer]
    <theory> (glb, meet, infimum) The greatest lower bound of two elements, a and b is an element c such that c <= a and c <= b and if there is any other lower bound c' then c' <= c.

    The greatest lower bound of a set S is the greatest element b such that for all s in S, b <= s. The glb of mutually comparable elements is their minimum but in the presence of incomparable elements, if the glb exists, it will be some other element less than all of them.

    glb is the dual to least upper bound.

    (In LaTeX "<=" is written as \sqsubseteq, the glb of two elements a and b is written as a \sqcap b and the glb of set S as \bigsqcap S).
  • I must go to the station to meet my friend ..
  • The firm was not able to meet its obligations.
  • We meet every so often and compare notes.
  • It's good to meet a girl who's got wit.
  • A worse humbug would be hard to meet.
  • Do n't trouble to meet me at the station.
  • I was taken backstage to meet the actors.
  • This proposal of yours hardly meets the case.
  • He had directed aileen to meet him here.
  • The roaring waters leaped high to meet them.
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