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make meaning

[ meik ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "make""make" in a sentence
  • Verb: make (made)  meyk
    1. Engage in
      "make love, not war"; "make an effort"; "make revolution"
    Noun: make  meyk
    1. A recognizable kind
      "what make of car is that?"
      - brand 
    2. The act of mixing cards haphazardly
      - shuffle, shuffling

    Derived forms: makes

    See also: make over, make up, maker, making

    Type of: accomplish, achieve, acquire, act, add up, alter, amount, appear, appoint, approximate, assemble, assure, attain, be, become, behave, change, charge, clean up, come, commit, comprise, consider, constitute, create by mental act, create from raw material, create from raw stuff, create mentally, develop, direct, do, egest, eliminate, ensure, estimate, excrete, execute, form, gather, gauge, get, get together, go across, go through, grow, guarantee, guess, head, hit, insure, judge, kind, look, make up, modify, neaten, number, pass, perform, perpetrate, persuade, play, pull, rack up, reach, reckon, regard, reordering, represent, score, secure, see, seem, sort, square away, straighten, straighten out, tally, tidy, tidy up, total, variety, view

    Antonym: break, unmake

    Part of: card game, cards

    Encyclopedia: Make Make, Botswana

  • [American slang]
    tr. to arrive at a place; to cover a distance.
    • Can we make Boston by sunset?
    • We made forty miles in thirty minutes.

  • [Business]
    verb, noun

    verb [+ obj] (made, made //)


    to create or prepare sth by combining materials or putting parts together:

    to make a chip/device/model

    to make cement/glass/paper

    It's the smallest computer the company has ever made.

    bags made from recycled plastic

    What is the shirt made of?


    to earn or gain money:

    She makes around €80 000 a year in salary and bonuses.

    to make a profit/loss

    Some Internet retailers are struggling to make money.

    He made a fortune as a property developer in the 1980s.

    Farmers are finding it difficult to make a living.


    to elect or choose sb as sth:

    She made him her assistant.

    He has been made chairman of the group.


    NOTE Other idioms containing make are at the entries for the nouns, verbs or adjectives in the idioms, for example make a killing is at killing.

    make good

    to become rich and successful

    make sth good

    to pay for, replace or repair sth that has been lost or damaged:

    The tenant must make good any damage to the building.

    make sth good; make good on sth

    to do sth that you have promised to do, pay back money that you owe, etc:

    The company failed to make good on its promise to create more jobs.

    They made good the shortfall out of their own funds.

    make it; make it big

    to be successful in your career or business:

    companies wanting to make it big on the Internet


    make sth out

    to write out or complete a form or document:

    He made out a cheque for €100.

    Invoices must be made out in triplicate.

    Please make cheques out to 'Ace Structures Ltd'.

    make up sth HELP NOTE A noun comes after up, but a pronoun comes between the verb and up.


    to form sth:

    Older workers make up 18% of our staff.



    to put sth together from several different things:

    the applications that make up a desktop publishing system



    to complete a number or an amount required:

    We need one more person to make up the team.

    We are several thousand dollars short of our target but we may be able to make up the difference in the next few months.


    to replace sth that has been lost:

    Can I leave early this afternoon and make up the time tomorrow?


    to prepare sth:

    Can you make up my bill please?

    noun [C]

    the name or type of a machine, piece of equipment, etc. that is made by a particular company:

    What make of car does she drive?

    There are so many different makes to choose from.

    We need to know the make and model number. See note at BRAND


    on the make (informal)

    trying to get money or an advantage for yourself

  • [Electronics]
    1. The closing of a pair or set of contacts.
    2. To close a pair or set of contacts.

  • [Computer]
    <programming, tool> The Unix tool to automate the recompilation, linking etc. of programs, taking account of the interdependencies of modules and their modification times. Make reads instructions from a "makefile" which specifies a set of targets to be built, the files they depend on and the commands to execute in order to produce them.

    Most C systems come with a make. There is also one produce by GNU.
  • Nothing will make me change my mind.
  • I wonder what sort of a bargain you'll make.
  • Would you kindly make an exception for us this time?
  • Children, don't make a nuisance of yourselves.
  • We finally succeeded in making the plan.
  • I request them to stop making such a noise ..
  • A toom purse makes an oblate merchant.
  • In writing, make the characters square and upright.
  • If you make a promise, you should carry it out.
  • I'll make a commitment with you right now.
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