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machine rifle meaning

Synonyms of "machine rifle""machine rifle" in a sentence
  • The design would be followed by lighter machine rifles and better medium types.
  • Currently, " makineli t�fek " ( machine rifle ) is considered the accepted term.
  • All of the Colt automatic machine rifles, including the Colt Monitor, were available for export sale.
  • The second cache contained 1, 000 machine rifle rounds and a rocket-propelled grenade with 17 rockets.
  • The "'McCrudden light machine rifle "'is a light machine gun of Australian origin.
  • The exact number on record of Chauchat machine rifles manufactured between 1916 and the end of 1918 is 262, 300.
  • This adversely affected the magazine capacity and functioning of firearms, particularly in automatic weapons such as the Chauchat machine rifle.
  • This made it more difficult to feed from standard magazine firearms such as the Berthier rifles and the Chauchat machine rifle.
  • Between 1921 and 1928, FN Herstal imported over 800 Colt-manufactured examples of the Colt Machine Rifles for sale abroad.
  • The tactical edge expected from the light and portable Chauchat machine rifle was to increase the offensive firepower of advancing infantry during the assaults.
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