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maas meaning

"maas" in a sentence
  • Noun: maas
    Usage: S.Africa
    1. Thick soured (fermented) milk
      - amasi [S.Africa]

    Encyclopedia: Maas

  • Mrs maas has enrolled her daughter in the ballet class
  • He heard joe maas sing that one night . ah, that m guckin
  • maas was the boy
  • Cees Maas, ING's chief financial officer, said.
  • Yankees fans remember another candle in the wind, outfielder Maas.
  • But in 1991, Maas'average dipped to . 220.
  • He credits Maas with making him a better player this year.
  • His brother Peter Maas, the writer, died last year.
  • Teammates Ronald Maul, Rob Maas and Giuseppe Reina also scored.
  • The Maas-Waal Canal also carries freight through the city.
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