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lymphocyte count meaning

"lymphocyte count" in a sentence

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  • [Medicine]
    The number of LYMPHOCYTES per unit volume of BLOOD.


  • Two months later, his lymphocyte count shot up 19 to almost normal levels
  • The lymphocyte count can also be directly measured by flow cytometry.
  • Runners practising meditation had lower lymphocyte counts at rest before the race.
  • Most people with A-T have low lymphocyte counts in the blood.
  • There may also be an increased lymphocyte count.
  • This technique can predict SCID even when lymphocyte counts are within the normal range.
  • Homozygous males had abnormal peripheral blood lymphocyte counts and homozygotes of both sex had eye abnormalities.
  • In the general population, very low lymphocyte counts are associated with an increased risk for infection.
  • Alternatively, only granulocytes, macrophages and monocytes can be removed, leaving the lymphocyte count largely unchanged.
  • A high lymphocyte count ( > 100 x 10 9 / L ) along with anemia and thrombocytopenia are common findings.
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