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link up meaning

Synonyms of "link up""link up" in a sentence
  • 1. link up to join together, especially with another person or organization in order to do something together
    + with
    A few years ago the Rover car company linked up with its rival Honda.
    The Pet Shop Boys linked up with Liza Minelli and produced one of their best records.
    The two parties linked up to form the Social Democratic Party, or SDP.
    SIMILAR TO: join up, merge
    link-up n C when two or more companies, organizations etc join together:
    Shares in the company rose sharply as news of the link-up got out.
    2. link up sth/sblink sth/sb up to connect two or more places, people, or things:
    Millions of people around the world are now linked up by the Internet.
    The Channel Tunnel linked up Britain and France for the first time.
    This is part of a huge programme to link up Europe's air traffic control systems.
    + to
    The company's alarm system is linked up to a twenty-four hour security service.
    SIMILAR TO: join up, connect
    link-up n C a connection between two or more computers or electronic systems:
    Our hotel has twenty-six bedrooms, each with its own colour TV and video link-up.
    3. link up to meet someone in order to do something or go somewhere with them
    + with
    David drove north to link up with his Liverpool team-mates.
    SIMILAR TO: meet up, join up
  • The entire tientai turns to link up the roof garden
  • Cultural link up-promote international business interflow
  • Chelsea began to link up well when pushing forwards
  • Online services employers link up posted vacancy
  • The two railway lines link up at the station
  • You may then link up your posted vacancy using the
  • We must link up theory with practice
  • All the eighteen caves link up with each other
  • The two spacecraft will link up ( with each other ) in orbit
  • The two spacecraft will link up ( with each other ) in orbit
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