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link state routing protocol meaning

"link state routing protocol" in a sentence
  • [Computer]
    <networking, communications> A routing protocol such as OSPF which permits routers to exchange information with one another about the reachability of other networks and the cost or metric to reach the other networks.

    The cost/metric is based on number of hops, link speeds, traffic congestion, and other factors as determined by the network designer. Link state routers use Dijkstra's algorithm to calculate shortest (lowest cost) paths, and normally update other routers with whom they are connected only when their own routing tables change.

    Link state routing is an improvement over distance-vector routing protocols such as RIP which normally use only a single metric (such as hop count) and which exchange all of their table information with all other routers on a regular schedule. Link state routing normally requires more processing but less transmission overhead.
  • What are the characteristic of link state routing protocols ? ( choose all that apply
  • Olsr ( optimum link state routing protocol ) is a standardized table-driven routing protocol
  • As a link state routing protocol, OSPF establishes and maintains neighbor relationships for exchanging routing updates with other routers.
  • More recently, this hierarchical technique was applied to wireless mesh networks using the optimized link state routing protocol ( OLSR ).
  • Protocols for wireless mesh networks are Optimized Link State Routing Protocol ( OLSR ) and the follow-up protocol B . A . T . M . A . N ., which is designed for decentralized auto-IP assignment.
  • The "'Optimized Link State Routing Protocol "'( "'OLSR "') is an IP routing protocol optimized for mobile ad hoc networks, which can also be used on other wireless ad hoc networks.
  • "' ZHLS-GF ( Zone-Based Hierarchical Link State Routing Protocol with Gateway Flooding ) "'is a hybrid routing protocol based on ZHLS . In ZHLS, all network nodes construct two routing tables, an intra-zone routing table and an inter-zone routing table, by gateway nodes of zones thus reduces the communication overhead significantly.
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