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lift pump meaning

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  • Noun: lift pump  lift púmp
    1. Pump used to lift rather than force a liquid up

    Derived forms: lift pumps

    Type of: pump


  • The same goes for say, a lift pump remover
  • Screw lift pumps for water supply and sewerage
  • Small flow and high lift pump
  • Air-lift pump
  • Water is raised at Mill Meece by lift pumps which deliver water to an underground tank.
  • On day 56, en route to Port Suez, the lift pump malfunctioned, limiting their speed to 16 knots.
  • The entire septic system can operate by gravity alone or, where topographic considerations require, with inclusion of a lift pump.
  • The boat experienced problems with the autopilot two days after departure, and then on April 30 the lift pump of the starboard engine became blocked.
  • The pump is lubricated by a connection to the engine oil circulation and the fuel lift pump is mounted on the side of the injection pump.
  • A milk lift pump draws the milk from the receiving can through large diameter stainless steel piping, through the plate cooler, then into a refrigerated bulk tank.
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