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  • Pallet stackers and high-lift platform trucks-stability tests
  • Methods of test for verification of stability of pallet stackers and high lift platform trucks
  • The Hy-Lift platform truck was introduced in 1922, and an articulated sheet handler in 1923.
  • For this purpose a floating offshore-lift platform which had been supplied with a central cut-out for the tower was used.
  • The divers enter the water by stepping off a dive platform or the side of the main deck, and return to the boat using a ladder or a mechanical lift platform.
  • To incorporate the device into a lift system, multiple helical band actuators are arranged below the lift platform where they are powered by an electric motor ( s ) and synchronized scissor lift ).
  • Baker, Rauch & Lang's Industrial Truck Division introduced a number of new products in the early twenties including a ram truck for carrying heavy steel coils as well as a line of low-lift platform truck and cranes.
  • Many proposals were entered; English Electric teamed up with Short Brothers and submitted its P . 17A along with the Shorts'P . 17D, a vertical-lift platform that would give the P . 17 a VTOL capability; designs were also received from Avro, Hawker and Vickers-Armstrongs.
  • Criddle and company had to create a lift platform and a loading dock to bring the cars ( which were acquired by production manager Lawrence Smallwood and stripped of engines, transmissions and windows by T & amp; M Auto Sales and Bucky's Automotive in Cheshire, Mass . ) into the space.
  • As a heavy lift platform " Fir " has a 20-ton hydraulic crane, a chain in-haul system and 4 heavy cross-deck winches . " Fir " carries two small boats; a cutter boat large ( CB-L ), specifically designed for law enforcement, and a C . G . Standard Utility Boat ( UTL ).
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