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lift off meaning

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  • lift off if a space vehicle or plane lifts off, it leaves the ground in order to start a journey:
    The space shuttle and its six astronauts will lift off on Sunday at 6.30 am.
    The plane lifted off and began to climb steeply.
    SIMILAR TO: take off
    lift-off n C,U when a space vehicle leaves the ground in order to travel into space:
    Ten minutes to lift-off.
    They decided they would attempt a lift-off, in spite of the bad weather.

  • [American slang]
    [for a plane or rocket] to move upward, leaving the ground.
      The rocket lifted off exactly on time.


  • Twenty minutes to go before the rocket lifts off
  • Airplanes and helicopters take off . rockets and spacecraft lift off
  • Can the planetary fortress lift off
  • lift off, here i am, here i go
  • Peel off bond lift off
  • Ls this the fastest you can go ?-i could go faster, but we'd lift off
  • -ls this the fastest you can go ?-i could go faster, but we'd lift off
  • Engage . lift off
  • lift off . . . ow
  • lift off . ow
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