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lift a finger meaning

"lift a finger" in a sentence

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  • [American slang]
    v. phr. 1. To do something; do your share; to help. Usually used in the negative. We all worked hard except Joe. He wouldn't lift a finger. The king did not lift a hand when his people were hungry.
    Compare: LEND A HAND.


  • He never lifts a finger round the house.
  • Linda doesn't lift a finger around the house.
  • She knew the irascible old gentleman would never lift a finger against his grandson, whatever he might say to the contrary.
  • The king did not lift a finger when his people were hungry
  • You'll never have to lift a finger again
  • You'll never have to lift a finger again
  • As he is not very nice, you can hardly ask him to lift a finger
  • He will not lift a finger for her
  • He never lifts a finger . i have to do everything myself
  • She never lifts a finger
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