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  • Long-term financial strength is a critical feature of any life office,
  • RHC works closely with the Residence Life office and in correlation with ASAPU.
  • The Greek life office is located in the Gantt Center for Student Life.
  • In 1992, Emory University opened its Gay and Lesbian Student Life office.
  • In 1982, Guloien became a fellow of the Life Office Management Institute.
  • He resigned his post in the student life office to take the Dallas job.
  • The life office then traded as Progressive Life.
  • The Respect Life Office has coordinated several pro-life initiatives in the Chicago area.
  • Closure of the Friends Life office, the second largest employer, was announced in 2015.
  • Representatives from the Tempe Police Department and campus Student Life office speak to male and female athletes.
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