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life instinct meaning

"life instinct" in a sentence

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  • noun
      (in psychoanalysis) the instinct for self-preservation and reproduction

  • [Medicine]
    n : EROS


  • Freud's early concept of sexuality is still far remote from that of eros as life instinct.
  • Therefore, life instinct and the will to existence is a field that is well worth doing in study of philosophic history
  • According to this theory, Eros or the Life instinct ).
  • On the other hand, the life instinct is the cause of friendship, love, reproduction.
  • Freud, divided human instincts into two categories : death instinct ( Thanatos ) and life instinct ( Eros ).
  • The id " knows no judgements of value : no good and evil, no morality . . . . Instinctual eros or the life instincts.
  • Cahill carried out innumerable crimes, big and small, and he cheerfully used bombs and threats _ as well as refined low-life instincts _ to keep himself out of jail during most of his long criminal career.
  • From the conservative, restorative character of instinctual life, Freud derived his death drive, with its " pressure towards death ", and the resulting " separation of the death instincts from the life instincts " seen in Eros.
  • It is also the basis for the child perceiving goodness in others and herself . " The sense of an object being available and freely given arouses care, consideration and gratitude for the object itself as part of the life instinct . " ( Hinshelwood 1989)
  • Sigmund Freud with his psychoanalytic projects, in " The Ego and the Id " ( 1923 ), speculates that sexual satisfaction by orgasm make Eros ( " life instinct " ) exhausted and leaves the field open to Thanatos ( " death instinct " ), in other words, with orgasm Eros fulfills its mission and gives way to Thanatos.
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