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lie to meaning

"lie to" in a sentence
  • (nautical)
      To be or become nearly stationary with head to the wind

  • [American slang]
    v. Of a ship: To stay in one place facing against the wind; stop. Our ship will lie to outside the harbor until daylight.
    Compare: LAY TO2.
  • A child who is lied to will lie.
  • Why did he lie to me at every word?
  • Pronnikov lied to him, and he lied back.
  • Least of all would i lie to you.
  • It would be against my principles to lie to you.
  • How do they lie to each other?
  • I can't lie to myself, i don't want to lie to you.
  • I can't lie to myself, i don't want to lie to you.
  • We've no right to lie to other people or to ourselves.
  • lie to anyone else under the sun, but don't lie to me.
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