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lie over meaning

"lie over" in a sentence
  • To be deferred to a future occasion
  • Let the matter lie over until next month.
  • Let the matter lie over until the next committee meeting
  • Because of the weather, our outing will have to lie over until next weekend
  • The oracle at delphi has been found to lie over a geological fault through which seeped hallucinogenic gases
  • Other parts of the watershed lie over gray sandstone or conglomerates.
  • The stream's upper reaches lie over the Huntley Mountain Formation.
  • The upper reaches of the watershed lie over siltstone.
  • The lower reaches of Lead Run lie over rock of the Catskill Formation.
  • The Pine Barrens lie over the largest supply of drinking water on Long Island.
  • "He lied over and over again, " the prosecutor said.
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