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lie out meaning

"lie out" in a sentence
  • [American slang]
    to remain out (unenclosed or unprotected) in some area.
      Who left my screwdriver lying out in the rain?
      It's not lying out. It's in the drawer.
  • He told a lie out of vanity.
  • @but golden fields lie out before me
  • But golden fields lie out before me
  • They can t lie out in the streets
  • All she wanted to do was lie out on the dock.
  • Wednesday, he said that he had lied out of fear.
  • Mischa eventually spreads the lie out : Jacob possesses a radio.
  • Joseph and Samuel lie out in the rain as Joseph begins to die.
  • They're here to dance and lie out in the sun ."
  • They would lie out on the ice and use the decoys to attract a fish.
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