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lie out of meaning

"lie out of" in a sentence
  • To remain without the good of, without payment of
  • He told a lie out of vanity.
  • Wednesday, he said that he had lied out of fear.
  • Other people lie out of fear.
  • Unfortunately, people with alcohol and drug problems may lie out of embarrassment or fear, doctors say.
  • I had a pretty decent lie out of the rough, otherwise I probably would have laid up,
  • Two Valentines lie in the Moray Firth in Scotland and two lie out of Poole Bay in Dorset.
  • I got to place the ball where it was, and I probably got a better lie out of it.
  • McDonald spares nothing in his prose, because to do so would make a lie out of the truth of war.
  • Cutter dismisses her claims, and states that Nanette has lied out of jealousy, before actually visiting Nanette to hit her.
  • Another female officer comes in to ask if she can try to remember, and Gail continues to lie out of fear.
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